The moments

It has been more than a half year being a I4ker. I already miss people I have met through the organization, people who told me their sincere stories. There was this lady who talked to me and one of team members while we were fundraising on green street. We were selling chocolate chip cookies and yelling at strangers to buy it for cancer research fundraising and she came to us. She asked us what this was for and we told her we told her what we do. At that moment, she turned into a person who I could remember forever from just a stranger. She told us that there was a little boy played around all the time in her neighborhood with the best smile in the world. According to her, he doesn’t have any hair because of the chemotherapy but he was the happiest kid every time she saw. She ¬†was not related to him at all and did not even know the name, when she was talking to us she was almost crying and so did we. She said that he was the reason why stopped at us and buying cookies.

Like her, I could meet so many good people during the rides last week. On the street while we were stopping at stop sign, there were this amazing people who were willing to tell their stories. I am so looking forward to seeing more and more people along the ride.

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