Hello, anybody that may end up actually reading this (in other words my mom). This will be my first update to this here page and boy I have some news to share. I’m writing from Washington DC in the GW University Multicultural Student Services Center. It is a great place, and they are hosting us very well. The trip so far has been fantastic. In the last couple of days we have hit some pretty tough hills that have been much more challenging than anything we have seen in the past and during our training rides. It has been hard work, but I know it will be worth it.
It has been very great to get to know the other members of the team well and I know we will all become much better friends as the summer goes on. In the past few days, I have become much more connected to the cause and have been getting very excited about the portraits project. I was lucky to be able to be a part of a portrait interview at the Baltimore hope lodge. As the great as the ride itself is, the interviews we are conducting to get a vision of how cancer impacts people across the nation.
I am very excited to hit the mountains tomorrow, and hope the ride will only continue to get better.
See y’all latta

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  • James Ruane says:

    Where’s my shout out, bro?

  • Biggest fan says:

    I love everything about you and your blog post! Please keep up the great work you do each and every day!

  • James L Ruane says:

    Hey Patrick, hope all is going well! Stay out of the way of the hells angels.

  • Rita Blum says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Reading about your ride. I envy the experience. How fortunate and exciting. We are waiting here in Park Ridge to see you when you visit. Waiting to hear from you on your next blog.

    Aunt Rita

  • Kathy Foster says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I work for your Dad and he turned us on to your cause. What a summer! Good luck and stay safe.

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