Reaching D.C.

Day 5

Baltimore to Washington D.C.


After some motivating words and conversation from a rider’s friend the night before, I4K departed this morning for our nation’s capital. The hills seemed to be chopped in half compared to yesterday’s ride, and the mileage was cut as well. Teams could go out there and enjoy themselves without the hectic schedule that the ride to Baltimore ensured. Some groups flew and some groups walked (at least their average mph would say so) through the twisty-turvy roads en route to DC. The cues didn’t take the most direct route and it gave the team a chance to focus on the journey as opposed to the destination. Bike paths, getting lost, and long rest stops will still get us where we need to be.


After taking full advantage of George Washington University’s showers, I4k ate pizza that was generously provided by our hosts at the university multicultural center. We hope that we don’t grow too accustomed to these acts of generosity – it is truly amazing what people have done for this team in such a short time. Through day 5, we have yet to cook a single dinner, which means we have yet to indulge on the delicious combo of spaghetti and lentil soup.


After dinner a little team bonding took place; some went to a local restaurant to hang out, others got some laundry done, and the rest took a night tour of the city. The team has basked in the freedom of the first event day being tomorrow. After a 9 am team meeting, the team is on its own to explore DC.




We climb.



Illini 4000


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