New York, New York

So here we are on the eve of this “thing” with no school, work, or the like to occupy our brains.  Much time, effort, and sheer determination has led up to this point but it really is only the tip of the iceberg.  I keep thinking to myself; get a haircut, check; pack your life (at least for the summer) into a backpack, check; drive to New York City, check; bike across the country…  I can only begin to imagine what this summer will be like for I know that we will not be able to realize the immensity, both physically and otherwise, of what we are setting out to do.  So as I sit here poised on my sleeping pad and highly compressible sleeping bag, I want to take a few moments looking back because it is solely by the support of the people around us, (family, friends, and strangers alike) that we are able to do, what we do.

To the people who provided us much room and even more hospitality at our stay-over in New York, the Alumni of U of I who provided us dinner on a fabulous rooftop in Manhattan, to the man who inquisitively called to us on the street and eagerly wanted to donate, to the people of New York who have taught me a whole new set of traffic rules, and to my teammates whom I have had the pleasure of exploring New York with and had the pleasure of beginning to getting to know; thanks.

Also, a separate thank you to the people who personally supported me financially and in all other ways, I thank you immensely; it’s going to an absolutely unprecedented summer, and I truly cannot wait.


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  • Loriann Reynolds says:

    Your journey across our great country begins…
    You begin on this Memorial Day Weekend as we remember all who fight for our freedom and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their life. They have made it possible for you to enjoy the blessings of living in the USA including this amazing opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally. You have committed to riding 4000+ miles for those who have cancer and for those, like your sister Katie who lost the courageous fight. God will lift you up. I am so proud of you!
    Love, Mom

  • Diane Chalberg says:

    Juliann…thanks for the blog! It’ll be exciting to read about your adventures. I just missed you on the Today Show. Blessings on your adventure and for the reason. Thank you. Love, Mother Saraha

  • Gwen & Wayne Kemp says:

    Juliann…words can’t express how very proud we are of you and what you are doing! God Bless and stay strong.
    Love, Gwen & Wayne

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