Leaving DC

An event day at DC was wonderful. I feel like we got some rest that we needed after having five days of biking. It felt like it was over almost too soon. DC probably is my favorite big city so far. It was just right size, and had a lot of places that were interesting.

I met up with my old friend who I have known since the first grade. We were babies back then, but it is amazing to see each other all grown up. We’ve spent good time together– went to see things and had wonderful meals. I am glad I did that.

Starting in seven hours we will hit some mountains and rougher landscape. I am nervous, but I know we will all pull this one off very well. I do not know if I am ready now, but maybe by tomorrow morning I will? :) Now it’s time to go to bed, Good night world.

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  • stephanie incrocci says:

    Hey Young! So glad things are going well on your ride. We can’t wait to see you. We are very proud of what you are doing. Stay strong and we will see you soon!

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