Keep Pedaling

Day 5!! We have arrived in Washington, DC. In the past few days, we’ve been climbing REAL intense hills. I really have to admit that Illinois hills are nothing compared to these. I would have a really hard time climbing these hills and I’m pretty sure everyone else on the team has the same problem. But every time I attack these hills, I think about the person that we are riding for that day to help me get through this. I feel that every hill we come across is an obstacle course that we have to get through just like how cancer victims has to get through obstacles such as chemotherapy and treatments to get better.

Some riders attack the hill really quick and some riders bike up the hill slowly. I am one of the riders who bike up the hill slowly and sometimes I feel like I want to give up, but remembering how cancer victims can get through intense treatments and never gave up. I take baby steps to climb these hills because these hills are nothing compared to what cancer victims had to go through.

We had a few great portraits in the past few days and it was great to interact with different people that tells us stories about their experiences with cancer. It was awesome that we had so many people supporting this great cause.

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