Five Days Down

It is day six of our 74 day trekk across the United States, and we are all enjoying a much needed day of rest after our first five days of cycling. We’ve made it from the Big Apple to our nation’s capital, and it’s been an interesting trip so far. It’s been such a wonderful experience riding through areas of the country that I probably would never have gone through otherwise. We’ve met some amazing individuals who have reached out to in a variety of ways. It’s amazing how generous and appreciative people are when they find out about our cause. The ride has been great also, we haven’t hit too many hills yet but we are preparing to start heading into the mountains in the upcoming week. It will definitely be a challenge but I’m greatly looking forwar to it!

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  • Joseph Hidder says:

    Hi Sarah,
    What a great thing you are doing. Very inspiring.
    Keep up the great work as we watch you travel across the country!!!! Good Luck!! :-)

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