Day 5 Already?

Well snap, we’re all ready in DC. I have already had some amazing experiences that I will never forget. The kindness of people we don’t even know has amazed me. For example, on Tuesday it was at least 92 degrees out and we were climbing hills that were bigger than ones I’ve dreamed about. I was in a group that was in front of the van so we stopped to get apply sunscreen and drink water. I was definitely feeling dehydrated and was very thankful to sit for a bit when all of a sudden a man walks out of Gus’s Pizza in Edgewood, Maryland and says “Can I offer you guys a complimentary glass of water?”, slowly turning our heads we sigh in relief as we walk into the wonderful air conditioning. After a bit, we tell the man about our organziation and he continues to help us out. Offering us food and cold towels we sat and power up again. The man (I wish I knew his name!) must have asked us 10 times if there was anything else he could do for us. It was a beautiful insight to the kindness in people.

One of my other favorite events we have had is visiting the Hope Lodge in Baltimore. Hope Lodges are places where cancer patients can stay for free if they live too far away from hospitals or their treatment centers. Everyone working there was very upbeat and nice and I am glad we got to reconnect with the cause and talk to some people. If I learned anything from them is you have to be positive. Staying positive is key to everything in life.

After that very hot, hilly, hard day, we had a slightly easier day (55 miles) into DC. Waking up I was very nervous that the next few days would be as hard as the last. Luckily I joined a group that provided a large amount of laughs and kept my spirits high. Even though I wiped out twice….careful of those wet bridges…I still look back on that day as being one of my favorites so far. Lunch was also fun because we got to listen to Motown and we had a mini dance party (you know what I’m talking about Liz and Sam, haha). That day was also different because we rode almost only on the extremely beautiful bike paths. Illinois needs to step it up. So after a 7 mile continuous downhill we coasted into DC where we’re staying at a building owned by the George Washington University. All is good and wonderful here and each stayover seems better than the last.


So here we go… next are mountains. I remember in our training Greg and Josh saying that all of the training has prepared you for the first two weeks. AH! I’m nervous just thinking about it. ANYWAY- It’s going to be okay. All we have to do is stay postive… and get new brake pads. :)

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  • kate tully says:

    Hey Casey,
    I called your mom to see how everything was going, but now it’s nice to get it from the horses mouth, ha. (wonder where that expression ever came from) Oh well, I love DC, great city and very bike friendly. MOUNTAINS!!!! yikes.
    I think this whole experience will stay with you forever. I am proud to be your Aunt and think you are a really cool person.
    I look forward to your next blog.
    Oh yeah, if you guys need a place to stay while in Deerfield we can put up a few people. Seriously!
    Drive safe.

  • Fossali's says:

    Rock on Casey Fee!
    Girl, you are amazing!
    We are so proud of you!!

  • fagan family says:

    Hello Casey,
    Enjoy reading the blogs that are posted to see what is going on and where you are at the moment. Sounds as if things are tough at times, which I am sure was anticipated. Yes, the most important thing is to keep up your spirit. You have alot of that!!! Hoping the places you stay are comfortable although by days end you are probably all so exhausted that any place to lay your head is welcomed. Proud of this adventure you are doing…all for the good of others :-) love from Fagans

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