And the Adventure Begins!

New York to D.C. in five days. I can’t believe this just happened! I have to say that none of the training I did back in Illinois prepared me for the hills of Maryland but as we continue our ride, I appreciate the beauty of this country more and more.  (I *almost* feel ready for the mountians!!) But more than just the feeling of relief and accomplishment that comes with reaching the top of a large hill, I think the most rewarding interaction I’ve had is with the random passerby. I’ve encountered people at gas station, in parks, walking down streets…all very different people from varying walks of life and one thing they have in common is enthusiasm towards I4Ks fundamental mission, the fight against cancer. I met a man on the coast of New Jersey as I was about to dip my back wheel into the Atlantic ocean. He saw my jersey and approached me with a friend’s survival story. It really renewed the cause behind my trip this summer and I can’t wait to see how the rest unravels!

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