Washington, DC

Although the past five days have been difficult, we were very surprised that an event day had come so soon. However, it couldn’t have come soon enough; the day off felt great. People were on their own to enjoy themselves or get stuff done after our team meeting at 9:30 this morning. Sites were seen, clothes were cleaned and bikes were fixed today in the capital (and concerts were seen!).

Everyone is jointly hoping that our leg soreness will cease by the morning as we face our first mountain tomorrow on our way to Winchester, Virginia.

A special thanks to Chipotle for giving us 20 free burritos! Also, thanks for ice cream from Kenneth Lundgren (Amanda’s dad!) and the George Washington University Honors Program (special thanks to Paul for getting that for us!).


Finally, thanks again to the GW Multicultural Student Services Center for graciously hosting us for the last 2 nights, as well as to Mike Tapscott, the center’s director, and to Tim Miller, Associate Dean of Students for helping coordinate our stay.


Stay posted tomorrow, and we will give you all the gritty details from our first true climb of the summer.

Much love,

Illini 4000

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