A Day In the Life.

This morning we completed our ‘day in the life ride’. We headed off of campus at 7am yesterday, rode some 90 miles throughout Indiana, ended the day off at the Fairmount Methodist Church, and rode some 25 miles back this morning. Although we still had our directors with us, this was the closest we have ever been to a day comparable to one on the ride.

It was tough. All of the training we have done has been relatively close to Champaign, so we have only encountered mostly flat land. This ride had some tough hills, which just kept making me think of the even tougher mountains we will be facing during the beginning of the ride. There were also some pretty strong headwinds although I am sure they are nothing in comparison to the completely flat states in the west. I knew this summer would be tough, but after this ride I have a much better grasp on what to expect and what will be expected of us along the ride.

Once we got to the church we had the opportunity to conduct portraits with some of the members of the community. Tory Cross set this up, and she did an absolutely perfect job! Interviewing these patients, survivors, and caretakers reminded me of why I am riding. Those headwinds and hills were going to stop in 90 miles. When I get off my bike at the end of the day I can relax. These fighters don’t get the chance to stop after a long day. They cannot just take a break. They are in a constant fight, and what they do is much tougher than what we do. These fighters are my reason to ride.

This weekend was spent entirely with the team and we spent a lot of time bonding. (We even have a hand motion indicating just that.) The riders on this team are undoubtedly some of the best people on this campus. They are happy, energetic, caring, and strong. What else could you expect from an organization this great?! I am so fortunate to be able to spend my entire summer with these folks, and I really cannot wait until it begins.

I know this summer will be insane. There will be tough days. We will be tired, hungry, and exhausted. But I will have the support of the incredible 2012 team and a legitimate reason to ride. With this ride we can make an impact, we can spread stories and hope, and we can accomplish something great.

26 days until yesterday becomes just like my everyday. I am not sure I could wait any longer!


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