Wow it’s been ridiculously not cold, so I was able to take a ride from Urbana to the neighboring town of Rantoul yesterday. Rantoul is the next stop north of Champaign on the Amtrak line…about 16 miles away. I had the pleasure of running into Ken Beck from the Dance Department at the Walgreens in town. He has a cool blog here: http://kenbeck.blogspot.com/

Anyway, I made up a little song about Rantoul and recorded it in poor quality.  Check out the link to the video below. I’m seriously considering strapping the ukulele to my bike this summer…

Hear the song: (Anne Toole of) Rantoul


air force plane and my bike

Hope you’re having a wonderful 2012!


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  • Marcus Eck Marcus Eck says:

    I digged it. And I am very pro you bringing the uke along. I am so pro that I would aid in the carrying duties if necessary. See you in a week

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