Wishes Fulfilled

When I was younger, I would always wish on my eyelashes. Whenever I found an eyelash on my hand or on my face, I made sure to make a wish. From like age 5-15, I wished to go to Paris. At age 16, I went to Paris on an exchange. From age 15 until age 19, I wished to study abroad. At age 20 I studied abroad in Australia. I was so fortunate to have my dreams come true over time.

 I know its a silly thing that I picked up, but I actually really believed in it and my wishes did end up coming true. The other day for the first time on this trip, I noticed an eyelash on my hand (probably haven’t had any because the wind whips them right off of my face). The funny thing was that I had nothing to wish for and I have never had that situation. I have always had something I needed or wanted that I could wish for, but I really had nothing this time around. I didn’t even wish for this trip ever and it just popped up as the best opportunity of my life and here I stand completely satisfied and for once without anything else to wish for. I think that’s the wonderful thing about an experience like this one. The small things really make you realize what you have and what you are going to miss about an experience like this.

The past few days have all been wonderful riding days despite some craziness; then again, who are we kidding we are riding our bikes across the country so craziness should be expected. The days have been so simply great, there isn’t much that we do different but somehow the simplicity is so perfect. I keep seeing more and more how much this experience has already helped me to build my character and how much it is going to change my life from now on and I feel so lucky to sit here with the chance to reflect on everything given the end is so near. All I can say is that my wishes and dreams are already fulfilled so I’m just gonna have to learn to dream bigger.

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  • Jayant Kanitkar says:

    Yes, Divya, dream bigger. Much bigger than your imagination can. Did you ever wonder what would happen if each of us does that AND all of our wishes come true? We could actually create heaven on earth – couldn’t we?

    All the best.

  • Gayle Winters says:

    You are amazing Divya. Your blog is so touching and heartfelt. What you have learned from this experience is PRICELESS. Enjoy your last few days.

  • Joti Nagpal says:

    It’s wonderful to be in a situation, where despite our daily pressures,there is nothing to be wished for. That’s the ultimate in contentment, nirvana and moksha. Although we all know that that’s very hard to achieve and more often takes a lifetime to reach.

    But, next time this happens, you could wish for me. How about wishing for dad getting a new job? Let’s try. And if you wish to dream bigger, how about this – no terrorism worldwide, all durable peace and economic growth worldwide!! That’s the utopia we could all wish for. Let’s pray to God almighty, sincerely,to make this happen.

    For your sake, we hope that your Peace Corps dream comes through. I am sure that this dream world you have lived on for the last 61 days, biking through rural America and seeing the underdeveloped areas, has prepared you well for your next wished for assignment. God Bless you. Amen.

    You have learnt well from this trip and enjoyed yourself too!!

    Loves – Mom & Dad

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