This is too weird. Can it really be? Tomorrow is the day, the day we have been waiting for, dreaming about, and thinking about for the last year. Coast to coast, New York to San Fransisco. It is too surreal to be true.

Today was a fun day spent hanging out and having fun. We were in no hurry, as rest stops arranged around Grocery Outlet Bargain Markets and In ‘n’ out led to hours of chowin down on world class gourmet dining and enjoying our last few hours together. We started the day off with a grand feast of eggs, muffins, juices, bananas, and sausage! WOHOOOO! The breakfast bonanza was followed up by a mosher of epic proportions. Maggie and Marc double teamed it. They awarded each person a “most likely to”. After an hour of moshering, we finally departed. The first In ‘n’ Out of the trip!!!! Everybody was super excited. After the long day of lounging, eating, and the occasional pedaling, we grilled out at the church and feasted. Getting ready for bed, we are excited, nervous, dreading, and looking forward to our final ride together tomorrow towards the destination of our year long goal. San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge!


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  • Melissa Caruso says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an amazing accomplishment! I have enjoyed reading each and every blog and always looked forward to the next one. I am very proud of each of you and can only imagine how your families are feeling right now. (I’m just a friend of Mrs. Fairbairn!) I have discussed your mission many times this summer and my friends have been just as amazed as I am!
    You’ve been through an incredible experience and I’m sure it is only the beginning of the good things each of you will do in this world.
    Thank you for the updates and thank you for riding 4,000 MILES to help fight the “C” Monster! Holy Cow!!

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