The final stretch begins

For the last couple days we have been traveling along the Pacific Coast on highway 101. It has been awesome. A couple days ago we got to ride through the sand dunes which we stopped to climb. In addition we got to get seafood and enjoy some lovely sunsets on the beach. Biking along the coast has been amazing.To get us pumped, we were fortunate to have Katie and Ron provide us with a Christmas in July feast complete with decorations and Christmas cheer! We had potatoes and sausage along with red and green decorations around the church we were at. Kudos to them for making it a good one! Today we rode a short 60 miles, but a tough set nonetheless, in and out of the coast line. We were able to bike through the mists of the ocean which caught us while we were cruising downhill in the hills along the coast. We have been able to spend time at the beach and to stop in neat little towns for fish and chips and great art galleries. The last few days have been awesome to us and we are looking to catch some more nice days lost in the Redwood forest! BTW we finally crossed the border into California today! We saw a sign that said we are only 361 miles away from San Francisco. However, I think we have some more miles since we are not on 101 the whole way so it will take us a little longer. It’s been an insane ride but I think many of us are looking forward to some time at home! Can’t wait to see all the visiting families and friends on Sunday! Thanks for keeping track of us. Also, we might be seeing a whale and her calf chilling in the ocean tomorrow so pray for us that we do!!!!!!!! Okie dokes its bedtime! Good Night!

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