Gotta say, I love Moshers, they are so entertaining. Eric Mosher doesn’t even know about the best part about his name haha. Today we had another great Mosh as usual. This morning we did a talent sh0w with Christian playing some lovely Mariachi music and Manchild (Connor Yanz) busting out some Postal Service. ┬áThe best part however, was the ridiculousness that ensued after, not to say that those two aren’t talented but ridiculousness is so entertaining.

There were some interesting instruments at the church so we decided to do a slam poetry session. It was absolutely hysterical. We had Sean on the African drums, Bopp with some weird shaker thing, Gabrielle on the chimes, and Manny and Lee rapping about Peanut Butter and Jelly with Sean chiming in random words like “rebirth” every now and then. It was awesome. I was dying of laughter. Unfortunately no one recorded this which is so sad because it was awesome. I guess I’ll just have to keep that one in my memory.

This is the I4K that no one sees that occurs when no one else is around and its beautiful. The other day we were in Phillipsburg, Montana and some of the boys blasted some music and randomly had a dance session that a few of us were privy to witness, it was so hilarious I can’t even begin to describe it. The boys crack me up so much. They are so silly and easy going. I love the carefree attitude that we all have adopted on this trip, it’s so fun. We all just laugh all the time. We do ridiculous things and it’s totally accepted. I will miss that when I have to be proper again. Nevertheless I guess I will continue to let the good times roll/hilariousness ensue until I get back :)

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  • Gayle Winters says:

    Divya, as adults we tend to lose that child like silliness that makes us giggle so much. Don’t stop once you get back…it could be contagious and that would be a great thing! Keep laughing and being silly. :)

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