Life is Beautiful

Wow what an amazing week. We have been in the mountains and its been lovely. I can’t remember the last time I was angry because I have been so happy and peaceful as of late. I am thoroughly enjoying life every day. It’s so beautiful out here. Yesterday I was in a smaller group and ┬áManny, Taylor, and I had such a great time. We took the day slow and soaked in the beauty as we passed through lakes and valleys. We even stopped by a river and had breakfast at a cafe. We went from snow capped mountains to being in prairie land like Illinois, only the prairie here is surrounded by mountains. I toured towns as I always do and sat on the church porch staring at the mountains amazed that I am sitting here with only a bicycle to think about. We were fortunate to have Marc, a barista at Espresso Royale, to make us wonderful drinks this morning and we had a great meal donated by the church. How amazing is this experience! I love every minute. We have a climb ahead of us, but I now know that I can accomplish anything no matter what is thrown my way. I just love every minute of my life right now and I can’t believe that this experience is so close to being over. I will never ever forget these days and they will always help me get through whatever else I go through in life. I think I will keep a snapshot of the view we have right now to always remember that life is beautiful and we are fortunate to have each and every day.

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  • Brad Topol Brad Topol says:

    You’re blogs are incredible. How can anyone not smile when they read this. You still have a lot of time and fun experiences to be had on the ride. Enjoy Missoula!

  • Martha Quinlan says:

    Thank you, Divya! I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself because of difficulties at work and trying to reframe my attitude when I went to the I4K website for a pick me up. Your blog post made me cry – it was so beautiful and pure! I hope that when you start working or any time that you feel low/blah you can hold on to the feeling you are having right now. What a precious experience.

  • Gayle Winters says:

    Sounds like your really taking this experience all in and appreciating it to the fullest! Good for you! I keep reminding Lauren to do just what you are doing and loving each and every day. Right now, all the riders have to think about is their bike, directions and of course whether your team will have the trifecta at your stay overs!! lol There is no job, no bills, no appointments or commitments for another few weeks. I am sure there will be many days in the future where your lives will be hectic and become overwhelming BUT you will always have the memories and pictures of those carefree beautiful days riding with the Illini 4k to look back on.

  • Joan Lindsay says:

    Dear Divya,
    As I read your blog, tears started rolling down my face. Thank you for sharing your joy and inner peace. What a remarkable young woman you are.
    ~joan lindsay

  • Joti Nagpal says:

    Dear Divya,

    I share the other writers’ thoughts. You all are going through a life changing experience. I am sure that these memories will last a lifetime and you will climb every mountain, without any hesitation. The highs and lows of this incredible journey is not only giving you peace and tranquility, but are also adding to your humility.

    Keep it up and keep pushing. You have a few more days to go. I am sure those days when you can’t take showers or face other difficulties, aren’t enjoyable. But when you get to the destination, you have all the other fun things waiting for you, including warm showers and meals. So, keep enjoying and save the photographs.

    Remember “Bright copper kettles, whiskers and mittens …… these are a few of my favorite things!!”

    Loves – mom and dad

  • Diana Arellano says:

    My heart smiles at your immense happiness. I can’t wait to see how these experiences have changed you. Miss you and safe biking!!

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