July 6 So Long Wyoming

Today many of the I4K riders woke up a little wet from an overnight rain high in the mountains of Yellowstone National Park. This downpour did not dampen our spirits however as all riders were excited to conquer what was left of the park. The morning was rather chilly as temperatures were in the mid 40s so everyone bundled up and set out on a rather short 66 mile ride. Marc Maybaum pumped up the crowd with a Mosher activity in which each rider acted as their “spirit animal.”

Because of the short mileage, each group wasted no photo-op or cool place to see along the entire ride. Some of the more exciting opportunities were around Yellowstone Lake in which you could get the reflection of the sun and the snowcapped mountains in a single picture. Any wildlife along the ride was also a crowd pleaser. But the main attraction was definitely the geysers.

Each of the groups waited to see Old Faithful erupt. It goes every 90 minutes and it seemed that we all just seemed to roll in right after it had just blown. We were some of the thousands of tourists there to see such a magical sight but it was impressive nonetheless.

One of the more exciting things that happened today was the crossing of the continental divide. And we did it twice! This surely signifies that our group is finally making some serious progress towards the west coast. Since we go north from here, there is no doubt that we will encounter the divide again soon, but it is still very exciting and motivating.

Since we are now in Montana, the gentlemen of the team will have to shave the majority of their faces. Most haven’t shaved in 45 days or since the beginning of the trip in New York City. They are taking it all off except the moustache, thus continuing the tradition of Moustache Montana. It will be hard to recognize some without their shagginess!

Well that will be all for now! Have a great day. Ennis tomorrow.

This is I4K signing off.

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