July 3 At Home on the Range

With the Big Horns behind us and even more mountains in the distance, the Illini 4000, were happy to embrace a second day of Wyoming’s flatter regions. With only a 53 mile route to complete, the team was anxious to complete their rides and finally get to Cody WY for the festivities that we have all awaited.

Accordingly, both the ride into the town and the ample amount of time spent in it, brought about widespread enjoyment. The ride itself was much like the preceding day’s, however, no two days are alike on the trip, and monotony was far from our minds. The team road beside wild horses and even encountered a European touring cyclist whose experiences widened even our eyes.

Once in Cody, the team found that the hospitality doesn’t take a backseat to the busyness of July 4th. ┬áChrist Episcopal Church was kind enough to provide pizza and watermelon and allowed for a pair of riders to describe the organization and its goals to members of its congregation. Following dinner, the team also did a portrait of a man named Gary whose perseverance regarding his own cancer was motivating and whose general optimism was inspiring. Tomorrow, the team is spending the day in Cody, and one of America’s largest rodeo’s has made its way on to the agenda!

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  • Mary Caucutt says:

    Dear Riders,
    It was great to have you stay with us in Cody. Wonderful to read your reflections – and know you had fun here with us. I envy you the beauty you will be riding through the next few days – enjoy Yellowstone. Thank you for your commitment to helping people with cancer.
    Mary Caucutt, rector
    Christ Episocpal Church

  • Bob Quinlan says:

    All supporters of the Illini4000 are wopnderful! The trip would be so much different without each one of you – us. I feel we are one in the struggles and highlights of this trip. We are not ridding physically yet soar each time we read a highlight of the trip. It is wonderful how the nation has opened their doors for the symbolic future, this youthful team, in the victory against individual types of cancer.

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