July 2 I4sKate

After encountering seemingly all that Wyoming had to offer, the Illini 4000 team left our campsite this morning only to find a new face of Wyoming as well as some considerable Summer heat.

The team navigated dry grasslands on their way to Greybulll, however, most groups completed their routes quickly and, in doing so, beat some of the day’s heat. Along the way, though, the team was happy to take to the flat roads that greatly contrasted yesterday’s climb.

After reaching Greybull, the team managed to relax and utilize the amenities that the Greybull Recreation Center offered us, and from there, a good time was had by all as a result of a key feature of the center, its skating rink. We found it entirely difficult to relax after the first skates were put on. The team skated the night away, and assuredly will not forget their time in Greybull while traveling to Cody tomorrow.

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