July 17, A Gorge-ous Day

After reentering Washington early this morning, the Illini 4000 for Cancer team had their work cut out for them. We just didn’t know it yet.

Our team got out of our stayover quickly, and we were ready way to the Colombia River Gorge. We had been warned of this part of the route from past riders, hosts, and passersbys, however, we were hesitant to believe that such conditions were coming our way, and accordingly, ride groups took off from the get-go.

What the team found out after mile fifty, though, was rather unexpected. The winds picked up exponentially, and our entire team could feel it. After all, encountering a popular windsurfing area is normally a good indicator that a blustery ride is on the horizon, and it was. Teams were blown about for the last few miles of the ride before finally reaching Mary Hill State Park and getting some food.

The day’s ride was certainly a trying experience, but there was nothing that was insurmountable. Thus, our group will sleep well tonight knowing that something had been accomplished and that purpose drove their last eight-five miles.

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