Idaho Does Exist!

We were in and out of Montana in a hurry it seemed like and we are going into Washington tomorrow morning.  We only have 15 more days of our ride and from what we are told the ride only gets better.  I am not sure I believe that thought because the last week has been some of the most beautiful country I could possibly imagine.  We got to camp in a couple of national forests and it was all made better because we followed a river for over 100 miles down hill.  One of the coolest things that I was able to do was just recently when we were in the Clearwater National Forest and there was an elk that was just born.  It was stuck in the rocks and couldn’t walk.  I stopped and a couple of us got to help it get back on flat ground.  The country is awesome, it reminds me a lot of Alaska.  I never pictured Idaho to look like this, I thought it would be a bunch of potato fields.  I was wrong!!! and I am glad I was. I am so glad that we went from east to west.  I couldn’t imagine going from this to Ohio and Pennsylvania. So for now…. To the Pacific…

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  • Gayle Winters says:

    Nice blog Ron. Not sure why but seeing you reach out to help the baby elk brought this overwhelming feeling of happiness to me. I think I am just so proud of you and the whole team and that this experience has been more than any of you could have ever imagined. I am so glad that you decided to go on this trip. Take care. xoxo

  • Mary Godwin says:

    I am from Illinois and went to school at the U Of I for a year. The Univeristy of Idaho that is in Moscow, Idaho. It is beautiful country much different than flat Illinois.
    I even got 3 hours of college credit for snow skiing.
    Linsey Rock is my niece. It has been quite interesting following your adventures and I congratulate everyone on their hard work and efforts. And the impressive amount of money you have raised. Way to go!

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