The past two days have been filled with awe, as the 2011 Illini 4000 team traveled out of Missoula, over LoLo Pass, and entered Idaho. Though the climb out of Missoula was difficult at points, the team was excited to find that the peak of the pass was at the entrance of a new state and time. The day became even easier as the downhill featured a bounty of wildlife (such as Moose, Deer, and Antelope). With a relaxing night gathered around the fire and eating smores, the team fell asleep very easily.

The next day began cooler and cloudier, but the knowledge of only riding 57 miles made the team’s spirit high (that and the awesome shakedown Mosher by Josh). The morning ride began just where it ended; alongside the¬†Lochsa River westward. With a scenery of forest pines to the left, random creeks and waterfalls to the right, and a continuous downhill road, the ride went by smoothly. ¬†When the last team came back a mass nap ensued, which was quickly followed by a majority of the team eating at a local Mexican restaurant. To say the least, the team has fully enjoyed its stay in Idaho, and the roads along the way.

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