Day 68 Willits to Healdsburg

Day 68


Willits, CA to Healdsburg, CA


It’s still hard to believe only three days left. That’s the first thing came to my mind when I woke up. Three, two, one… Although nobody would like to mention this, everyone knows how valuable the rest time is.


In the morning, everyone had oatmeal as breakfast, as always. After that, when we came to the Mosher moment, everyone was supposed to talk about what you learned from this trip. It’s a beautiful moment. Many teammates said that they learned how to appreciate more about life or even a small thing, like shower, which is usually taken for granted. Some people said, this trip helped them know more about this country, people and cultures. More importantly, we’ve learned so many amazing stories from those cancer survivors.  Their experience will encourage and inspire us in our lives. Therefore I believe this trip made us both physically and mentally strong. After this meaningful Mosher time, every group started pedaling and then started a new day. On the way to the stay-over, there are a lot of winery yards, which all my group members enjoyed a lot. Even though the weather was kind of hot, everyone still enjoyed the riding a lot and truly felt the valuable time of being together.


San Francisco, we are coming. Golden Gate Bridge, wait for us. Two days left. We are going to make this across-country-riding real.


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