Cody WY

We were in Cody today for a rest day and it was awesome.  We got to Cody by riding through the desert for a couple of days after dominating the Big Horn Mountains.  We were at 9,666 ft but a few of us decided to climb the rocky peak to get to 10,000.  Then we had an 18 mile downhill through a river valley that required almost no pedaling.  We got to camp and had an awesome ride out of the mountains.  Then we got to Cody .  The rest day  started by going downtown and seeing a 4th of July festival going on with a bunch of neat stuff.  There was a parade and I stopped to have an elk burger for lunch.  Tonight was probably the most fun for me because we got to go to the Cody Rodeo.  We got to see calf roping, bareback riding, barrel racing, and bull riding just to mention a few.  It was awesome with the arena sitting at the bottom of a mountain.  We get to ride into Yellowstone tomorrow and and then we will be in Montana on the 6th.  The ride is getting better and better but a little bit tougher as we climb the mountains.  I can’t believe thought that we will be on the coast in about two weeks.  Awesome!!!

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  • Gayle Winters says:

    Ron, you look right at home in Wyoming!! Beautiful picture. It sounds like you were definitely in your glory in Cody. I just read today that Wyoming has ZERO state tax and only 4% sales tax. Enjoy the rest of your days, they are going so fast. See you in California and stay safe.

  • Nancy Replogle says:

    Ron, Hmmm… How did that elk burger taste? The western Rodeo sounds like a lot of fun. So good to know that you have a day of rest, every now and them. You and your team are making excellent progress! Enjoy the wilderness.

  • Robin Tisdale says:

    Hi Babe,
    Glad you enjoyed the rodeo and you are in your element, however, you are starting to look like Willy Nelson with your beard and headband. Im sure you will clean it up when you get back to civilization right??? lol Have a good time and be safe, can’t wait till you and my daughter Lauren get home safe and sound!!!

  • Klayton Jeffries says:

    Hello Tisdale guess who I just saw, it is your brother. I saw him filling up your truck at the gas station me and gunner whaved to him. At first I thought it was you but it wasn’t you haha. Have a good time on your trip and never stop, and when you get back email me sometime so we can have breakfest at hawks nest.

    From Klayton William Lee Jeffries

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