Almost There

Tomorrow we will be arriving in San Francisco and the feeling could not be more bittersweet. Riding eleven days straight has been the most physically exhausting part of this journey. Yet rolling along the ocean, and through the Redwoods has been beautiful and so rewarding.  I guess that all of my assumptions that California would be flat were wrong, but as Greg said the other day, these hills are our final test before we can roll across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tomorrow I will take the advice, If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, and do just that as we complete this epic journey.

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  • Bev Carr says:

    Way to go everyone! We knew you could do it – that’s why we were so willing to sponsor all of you. We are so proud of you. Now you have a good idea of what this country is all about and how great its people are on the whole. Thank you from all of the survivors of cancer (us included) and all those who continue their daily, minute by minute battle with this devasting disease. Can’t be in San Fran to see you end your ride but will be thing of you and wearing a flower in your honor right here at home. Thank God you went from east to west and missed the 100+ days we have been having. Stick a foot in the ocean for us. God bless you all. Bob & Bev Carr

  • Katherine says:

    I feel sasitfied after reading that one.

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