A Recap of Oregon

We started Oregon along the Columbia river gorge, going through some of the toughest winds ever. Thankfully we hit them later in the day so that helped because we could knock out quite a few miles in the morning. We spent one day climbing on highway 30 through the scenic route, up and down some of the most beautiful hills of our trip. It was just awesome. We stopped in towns to get fresh and organic fruits that tasted better than anything I have eaten in a long time. We also ate a million berries that we picked off wild berry trees on the side of the road! We were fortunate to meet a woman who has done 16 Ironmans while on our way to Portland. She was awesome, and the University of Illinois Alumni greeted us with some delightful meals on the way and in Portland. We then took a nice little trip in Portland where we ate some delectable doughnuts from Voodoo doughnuts which is a specialty shop with plenty of weird flavors. While in Portland we all did a bunch of different things including visiting a sweet book shop, checking out a rose garden, eating amazing food from carts in the middle of the streets, hopping around thrift stores, and touring the campus of Portland State University. After Portland we took some nice long 90 milers into Corvalis and Florence. Both towns were lovely and Florence brought us FINALLY to the Pacific Ocean. We completed our cross country tour and set out along our journey to California.

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