It is amazing to think that the past month and a half has gone by so quickly. After an exhausting day in Yellowstone Park, I will give a bit of a quick summary since I have not been very consistent with blogging. Hopefully this will change with the little time left.

The east coast was busy, but I enjoyed that aspect of it.

Pennsylvania was beautiful, especially the mountains.

The midwest was…comforting. A bit flat and at times boring, but it was pleasant to be near home.

South Dakota can best be described as ‘natural beauty’. The land that surrounded our ride was simple: rolling hills and boundless prairies. Unlike the rest of the state, the Badlands were unlike anything I had ever seen. They are something that you have to see to understand.

Lastly, Wyoming was jaw-dropping. Both because of the stereotypical cowboy Western culture that is so well maintained and because of the nothing-desert landscapes. Yellowstone and the Big Horns didn’t hurt either.

In case you were wondering, here is the score for favorites:

1) Wyoming

2) Pennsylvania

3) Wisconsin

4) South Dakota

In later days I should be blogging more, sorry for the wait.

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