We’re out of the woods

Amazingly we have made it all the way over the Appalachian Mountains and into the fabulously flat state of Indiana. Today I rode the furthest distance I have ever covered on a bicycle, 104 miles in one day! Luckily for us, the weather could not have been more perfect for our ‘century’ day. The temperatures were very mild and we had a nice tailwind at our back for the first 40 miles pushing us at an average speed of 20 miles per hour towards the west. It has been fun passing by a countless number of yard sales as the past few days have been a part of the largest national yard sale day taking place on historic route 40. We have been having a great time and can really enjoy laughing and talking a bit more now that the terrain has flattened out. Unfortunately I was having a difficult time climbing a hill today because I was laughing too hard at another one of my teammates, but I really can’t complain.

Yesterday we passed through Columbus, OH and got in early enough to enjoy the city. A group of friends and I wandered to the North Market, a local bike shop, and out for dinner. We happened onto an outdoor concert and some delicious eats in the park.

Tonight we are staying in Richmond, IN and were provided with a delicious dinner and even better desserts. I sat in on an inspirational portrait where a group of riders and I got the chance to meet Lauren’s Aunt who is a breast cancer survivor. Her story and kind words of wisdom helped remind me that Cancer truly is the great equalizer. Her story has given me something to keep me going during the tough days to come. Tomorrow we will be in Indianapolis and shortly after Champaign and then Chicago. It is blowing my mind how quickly we are approaching the midwest and I am very excited to get a chance to visit with family and friends if only for a short amount of time. For now, I’m off to muster up the energy to floss my teeth before bed and rest my head before our 80 some mile ride tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this video we watched this morning as a part of our daily Mosher: You Can Ride a Bike!

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  • Gayle winters says:

    I love this video! Who knows? This little guy could be a future Illini 4000 bike rider!!

    All the Illini 4000 riders should also ” feel happy of themselves”

    You’re doing an amazing thing!! :)

  • John Marek says:

    Hi Mags,

    Love reading your blog, it gives your mom and I a chance to experience what your days are like, the challenges the ride presents and insight into the great adventure you are on. Can’t wait to see you next week for the ride along in Chicago. Until then may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back and know that you are loved. Stay safe.


  • What a great video & great mosher!

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