To Greencastle tomorrow!

These past few days have been a lot of fun and filled with positive energy. Everyone on the team really enjoys naming their ride groups for the day and some of the craziest groups I’ve been in are The Craycrays, Team Snuggle Formation, Baby Mamas, and Red Light Coca-Cola Challenge. These group names probably seem a bit odd, but that’s just what happens when you’re on the road for a few miles everyday. When you have unique group names, you also generally come up with unique sayings to say throughout the day (and maybe for the rest of the ride). Some of these sayings include the following: “Put a baby on it.” “Uneven snuggle!” “Push it!” “Get your brotein.” “Let’s leave before Dory sneezes.” “Get outta here.” “That’s so Taco.” “Oh my gawd.”

Everyday I am amazed by how kind and giving people have been to our organization. Our stayovers have provided so much food and comfort for us along our journey that it is truly inspiring. This generosity gives me hope and helps to rid the pessimism I feel at times.

Tomorrow we will be riding through Greencastle, Indiana. I am so excited because I will get to stop by and chat with Karen, a cancer survivor we interviewed spontaneously on the road last year for the Portraits Project. Karen truly changed my life and I think about her so much. I am doing this ride for her.

Something that I struggle with while being on the road is staying in touch with my family and friends–like responding to their texts and calls. I think I’ve gotten better, but sometimes I just forget. Yesterday I finally had a long conversation with my mom. During our phone call, she told me how she talked to a stranger about the organization and our ride. The woman she was talking to was moved and she told my mom, “Tell your daughter thank you and that she is riding for my mom.” That really touched me and helped me get through today. It just reminded me that the Illini 4000 is part of a fight that is so much bigger than just a team.

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  • Enjoy your visit with Karen! So proud of all of you!

  • rsamaniego Rachel Samaniego says:

    Team snuggle was the best!

  • Nancy & Larry Replogle says:

    Gabby, There are many good people in this world — they just don’t talk as loud as the bad ones :-). Glad to hear that you’ve met some of the kind souls on this planet. What does “put a baby on it” mean?? Hope your visit with Karen was inspiring. Keep going, Keep going!
    Nancy & Larry Replogle

  • bhapner Bridget Hapner says:

    I’m so proud of you Gabster! I bet Karen was so glad to see you! Can’t wait to see you in Chicago!!!

    — Bridget

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