The rolling hills of Wisconsin

Today we rode from Fitchburg, WI to Reedsburg, WI, but before we get to today, we should take the time to discuss a neat experience that we had yesterday. At the dinner we did an awesome portrait. A woman, currently battling breast cancer, and her husband spoke to a few of us about her experiences. Her interview was one of the most honest and informational interviews we have had. Despite having had a tough few months she spoke to us about her experiences for an hour. Seeing the relationship that she and her husband had was a true inspiration. They were each other’s shoulders and there was so much closeness and strength between them. It was an honor to be involved with this portrait and we wish the two of them the absolute best.

Now we’ll let you all know a bit about today. Thank goodness for Wisconsin. Wisconsin has taught all of us that hills can really be lovely. What a great ride we had today. It was filled with off-the-beaten-path adventures. Wisconsin has been so kind to us. We have had such glorious weather and we have been rolling through some really scenic routes. Though Pennsylvania was beautiful, it was extremely tough to ride through. Wisconsin was filled with hills but hills that were much easier. After climbing each hill we landed in an amazing place that was so lusciously green and lovely. Though many of us got lost today, I think most of us took it well and didn’t mind an extra few miles in such a wonderful place.

Today was a very relaxed day. We each took our time on getting to the stayover taking plenty of pictures and hanging out at rest stops. We found some neat stuff like a bunch of tires lying randomly piled on the side of the road. It was a fun and easy going day. It is awesome to have days like these now and to remember that this is the adventure of a lifetime. Thanks for keeping track of us and don’t forget to check back tomorrow.

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  • We ran into part of your group in Prairie du Sac when we had all had lunch at the same time. It was fun to chat and hear about some of your adventures. Next time you cross Wisconsin, be sure to use the maps that take you off county roads onto even smaller paved “town” roads. Wisconsin has so many paved back roads–a legacy of the “farm-to-market” roads covered with asphalt since the early 20th century to help the dairy industry. They’re even hillier but they have even less traffic than the county roads. I’m not surprised that some riders got lost. Easy to do in Wisconsin–but that just adds to the fun, right? Have a great rest of the ride! Be safe!

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