So long, Illinois

It is late and I was fortunate enough to snag a couch at our stayover. In other words, my bed is calling so this post will be brief. I just wanted to take a moment to thank a few people before too much time has passed.

First, I would like to thank the Rock, Yanz, Doppelt, Winters and Madison families. While riding through the Chicagoland area, all of these families opened their doors to our team (and our family/friends) and completely spoiled us with food, showers, laundry machines, etc. A few weeks ago, these things would not have been terribly out of the ordinary, but after a few weeks on the road, we could not have appreciated the hospitality more. Thanks to all of you!

Second, I want to thank Dave and Jill. I feel so fortunate that I have family like you two. It was such a treat to spend the night with you two–a homey atmosphere is always welcome these days, especially when it is filled with kind people!

Third, thank you to everyone who joined me at the ride-along and picnic. Amy, Kathleen, Mark, Courtney, Sara, Emmett, Anna, Kyli and Kerri–you guys are great! It was so nice to see so many friends. The support means the world to me. To my family–I was so proud to be surrounded by you all. You guys are truly helping me along this ride. I would like to especially thank my dad for making me an amazing bike playlist! He selected special songs for each state we will ride through. More importantly, though, he had each of my family members (including my younger sister who is studying abroad in Argentina) record a special song/motivational clip for me and mixed that into the playlist as well. I am very excited to listen to everything :)

Fourth, I would like to extend a very warm thank you to all of our stayovers. After a long day’s ride, I sometimes find myself “bonking” (or crashing) during our last 5-10 miles. By the time we roll into our stayover, it is easy to be overcome by tiredness and frustration. What I have found day after day, however, is that the generosity and kindness of our stayovers repeatedly cheers me up upon arrival. It’s pretty hard to be grumpy when people are offering up food, drinks and kind words!

Fifth, thanks to all of the alumni who helped to organize the ride-along and picnic. It was so great to celebrate with our families and we raised over $1,200! It was a great start to a wonderful tradition.

Lastly, thank you to my teammates! Each and every one of you is amazing and adds your own flair to this team and helps to create the wonderful dynamic that we possess. I enjoy riding with all of you and listening to your songs, stories and jokes helps me pass the time.

The I4K would be nothing without its supporters (sorry if I forgot anyone!) OK, it is 10:30 and time for bed (what have I become?!). Goodnight!

P.S. Shout out to Laura–you are almost home! Can’t wait to be able to call/text you again!

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  • Joan Lindsay says:

    Hey Kate,
    Thank you for your amazing journey and determination. You are truely amazing and we are all so proud of you!!
    Before you know it you will be crossing that Golden Gate Bridge…but not without a few glories and hurdles in between.
    Love, mom

  • Laura Lindsay says:

    Enjoy your time in the midwest! Sounds like Wisconsin has been nice. Wish I could’ve been there for the Ride Along, but still looking forward to making up all those weeks of texting…starting at 4am when I land in Miami! :)

    Keep working hard! You rock. See you soon enough!

  • Nancy, Larry & Michael Replogle says:

    Katie, Really enjoyed reading your Blog. We joined the Team for the ride along in Chicago and now have a deeper understanding of what you and your team are going through every day. Keep your spirits high!

  • Lynn Hambourger says:

    You are indeed amazing! We are keeping track through your mom and dad. Sorry we didn’t connetc when you were in town. I enjoy reading about this adventure on the blogs..You ROCK! Lynn & Alan

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