Ride Along and Picnic

After a much needed rest day in Chicago visiting with family and friends the team reunited to continue on our journey today. We started the morning off with a Mosher dedicated to discussing the strangeness of life outside of I4K including riders feeling as if they were going way too fast while driving under the speed limit in a car, feeling lonely at bedtime, and even craving PB&J for lunch!

Our day got off to a slow start as the team got stuck by a bridge that was out, typical of city biking! We were greeted in the Cancer Survivor’s Garden in Millennium Park by eager family, friends, and supporters who were geared up with bikes and helmets ready to ride. After a moment of silence in the garden we were off teaching our guests about bicycle safety and call outs on the route. The 15 mile ride concluded with a successful picnic in Caldwell Woods. The picnic was a success largely in part to all the hard work of our families pitching in to provide food and help grill.

With so many riders on the trail, it is no surprise that someone came away with a battle wound. Only a few miles into the ride along, Dory’s bike got away from her. Next thing she knew she found her unlucky chin catching her fall where the bike path had a steep drop off to the shoulder. Dory, unphased by her fall arrived at the team picnic no more than a few minutes late, with ten stitches in her chin. She got right back on her bike to finish the remainder of the ride.

After saying our goodbyes the team traveled another fifteen miles north to find ourselves at rider Josh’s house where we were treated to a delicious dinner from Josh’s Aunt, a caterer. Needless to say, we were very spoiled. We left Josh’s and made our way to Christ United Methodist Church for some much needed rest after such an eventful day.

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