Oh the things we’ve seen

Bike through the Appalachians…check. The hardest week of the trip is over. The steep mountains that pushed everyone of us to our limits is now behind us. This was the hardest physical thing I have ever done. I could not have done it without my teammates. Everyone pushes each other, and motivates each other to keep on peddling, even when you think you have used every last ounce of energy. This trip has been amazing, more than anything I ever imagined. So far lots of funny stories, and cool experiences. I’ll post some of those later. Its so cool how much we have seen in only a week and a half. Day 1 was NYC, and a short 3 days later we were in Amish Country, Pa. Through Pittsburg, and into the rural countryside/rolling hills of W Virginia. The people we have seen so far have been so nice to us, donating food, letting us use their hoses, and genuinely caring about our cause and trying to help us out. From city dwellers, to amish families, people of all backgrounds. It is very cool to be apart of this cause, we have raised over 121,000, and raised the spirits of so many more.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to me, and has donated to the team. We are really doing something special, and it is your caring and support that is fueling this effort.

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  • Nancy Replogle says:

    Josh, Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! We’ve been tracking with Lee through email and it is so great to hear about the amazing team spirit of The Illini 4000. This experience will change you forever. Be safe and enjoy — from Nancy and Larry Replogle

  • Karen Lavazza says:

    Dear Josh,
    It is humbling, really. I thought I would do some things to honor the team and be more physically active, I haven’t been able to keep up the minimum. You guys are not only riding, you are driven. Driven by forces greater than any one of you could have been alone. Driven by your mission and your goals, driven by your teammates, driven by your donors, driven by a will that would have been impossible in other endeavors, driven by hope. This is rare, this is wonderful, this rarely happens often in a lifetime. This makes all the pain worthwhile. Dory’s mom

  • Josh, I have to say that Dory’s mom has written it perfectly. Thank you for committing yourself to such a wonderful cause. Gabrielle’s mom.

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