Let It Begin

The Tan

Ice cream

Swimming in random bodies of water

‘Pushing it’

90 degree days of sun

Waking up at 5:30

PB & J’s


More Nicknames



Being able to sign things ‘I4K 2011 Team’


I can’t wait for this summer to continue. My fellow teammates have amazed me how quickly they have adapted to such a challenging, ever changing environment that is life on the road. Each day teaches me something new and renews my sense of hope and possibility that our society can accomplish with a collective movement. Thank yous go out to everyone kind enough to allow 28 random stinky strangers sleep in their communal space: St Paul the Apostle, the Thekkar family, Ms. Bailey &  everyone in Philly, Jonny, Frank, the United Methodist Church in Lancaster, and everyone we have encountered in each of our stayovers. Once again, thank you to everyone for supporting us. Special thanks goes out to Conor Cannaday.

Warning: This may sound like a love letter because it kind of is.

I cannot explain how much I respect you in writing. There are very few moments in a lifetime that you are able to genuinely see the heart, soul, and character of someone in person, but this past week I was lucky enough to witness just that. The help you had given our team and the changes you have made to the Illini 4000 are monumental and will be vital as this organization and team moves forward to bigger and better things. I wish you the best of luck with your time in Canada this summer, and everything after. I am proud to have gotten to know you so much better than the Allen Hall second floor, and know that dropping you off at the Pittsburgh Amtrak station will not be the last memory I will have of you. You are a great person and friend. I will see you soon.



Each night I cannot wait to go riding with my team. Every one of you are amazing people, and I feel lucky to be a part of this experience with you. I cannot wait for the next 62 days.

To Columbus!


P.S. This post is a lot sappier than I thought it would be, but as I am sitting in the middle of this staircase in Westwood Baptist Church seeing each of you pass me by it is all I can think about.

P.P.S. I think it is safe to say for the limited amount of posts I will be able to blog, I will be making up with thoughts and words.



Comments (4)
  • Gayle Winters says:

    Marc, what kind words you speak of Conor and your teammates. All the blogs written by the team have been so touching to hear how close everyone has become in such a short time. To take on a challenge in this magnitude and for such a great cause as the Illini 4000 is doing, is true testament of each members character. And when a group of people with such great character come together…great things can be done. Happy pedaling.
    Lauren’s mom

  • Dana McKenna says:

    Loving the sappiness, Marc Maybaum. It’s just so right.

  • Karen Lavazza says:

    Only sappy if heartfelt is sappy. And if heartfelt is sappy, keep it coming!
    Dory’s mom

  • Marc, sappy or not, it comes from the heart. All I can tell you that this experience will change your life. It changed Gabrielle’s last year and I can not wait to see how it changes her once again this year. She has been blessed to be able to experience this twice with approximately 58-60 other great individuals. Keep your sappy posts coming – they are wonderful! Be safe and enjoy everything! Gabrielle’s mom

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