Instead of Hiking

The rest day in Rapid City is a little bit messed up. I planed to hike with people but I did not make that trip. Instead, I went to the town to find a post office. After being lost for a while, I managed to find my location in downtown, and very luckily, I found a bike shop there. The owner Jeff and his assistant were testing an awesome black bike. I went in the store and Jeff started to chat with me. I told him about the I4k and he told me a lot about his bike store. He said he would rather want a small one which sells cool bikes than a large one. At the same time, his assistant brought the black bike into the store, so I asked Jeff what is special about that bike. The black bike has two huge tires and a big handle bar. Jeff told me he likes that bike because it feels more like a motorcycle rather than a bike. I realized that that was so true when I sat on the saddle and rode around the block. The internally geared hub is so awesome. I have never tried that before, but it really gave me a delightful experience. After I rode the bike back to the store, I showed Jeff my back wheel, which makes noise when spinning. Jeff opened the hub and whipped out the water and dirt inside. Surprisingly, we also found out there was one ball bearing missed, for no reason, but just disappeared. It was so luckily that I brought the bike into the bike shop instead of hiking. I had less fun today but definitely I saved my wheel. And I appreciate the free tuning from Cranky Jeff’s bike store. He totally made my day by teaching me bike maintenance and being nice and patient.


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  • Nancy Replogle says:

    The black bike with the huge tires and big handle bars sounds very cool. I am trying to picture in my mind what it would be like to ride a bicycle that looked like a motorcycle. Amazing! So glad to hear that you got your tire fixed at Cranky Jeff’s. Wyoming is a big wilderness, so you may not find another bike shop for a while. Enjoy your ride!

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