Feeling like a cyclist

While riding through a torrential downpour just before forging through knee deep water, bicycle in tow I turned to Gabrielle and announced, “I finally feel like a cyclist.” Maybe it was the combination of rolling into Chicago soaked to the bone, despite my waterproof jacket. It may have been the feeling of riding as a pack of rogue bikers unphased by the elements. Or it could have been the fact that my odometer is nearing 2000 miles. Or was it knowing that the trip is already one quarter of the way through, and that we have made it further than I ever thought was possible. Whatever it was, I am very proud to report that biking through the East Coast, over the Appalachians, and into the Midwest has turned me into a rider in a team that I am very proud to be a part of, and upon arriving in Chicago I have never felt stronger.

My only regret so far is not doing enough to capture each and every moment of this experience. So far I have been able to pick up a postcard in each state we have rolled through, with the exception of West Virginia, which was by choice. I have also taken around 300 photos and blogged a few times, but despite my efforts I feel like I must do more; more blogging, more photos, and more journaling. It’s so difficult at the end of the day to try and muster up the energy to write everything down. At the beginning of the trip I thought I would be able to remember everything, but it is getting much more difficult to recall it all.

A few highlights since I last blogged include participating in team “Red Light Coca-cola Challenge,” where upon rolling up to a red-light, you take a warm shaken up coke out of your jersey pocket, chug it, and smash the can on your helmet all before the light turns green again. I visited the Covered Bridge Museum and Jurassic fossil display in quaint Rockville Indiana, got lost and took a scenic yet exhausting 10 mile detour along the Illinois/Indiana state line, got chased by a dog for 4 miles, visited with friends in Champaign, swam in the Clifton community pool, and sat in on an inspirational portrait of a young girl bravely battling Brain Cancer. I am so excited to take on the West and will be sure to share my experiences along the way!

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  • smoxley Sandra Moxley says:

    Capturing every moment of an experience like this is an extremely hard thing to do, I found that as much as I blogged and journaled there were always things I forgot until re-reading my journals post-ride and seeing my teammates photos. It’s pretty amazing the memories that your photos can trigger and document!

    I’m impressed with the “Red Light Coca-cola Challenge”, I don’t think I could ever do that in such a short amount of time – carbonation is not my thing! I also just heard a rumor that there is a video of this from your ride to Lake Geneva. I don’t know whose camera captured it but I’d love to see the challenge in action!

    Safe and happy pedaling westward!

  • Nancy Replogle says:

    Maggie, You are amazing. Glad to hear you were able to out-bike that dog for 4 miles !! Stay strong and enjoy this experience.
    Nancy Replogle

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