Chicago Bound

We are looking forward to our ride into Chicago tomorrow.  We have had two days that were easily in the high 90′ s which were very challenging.  We had to stop to fill up for water around every  corner it seemed like.  Everybody has made it though, I am very proud of Lauren.  She is doing great along with everyone else on the team.  We were fortunate to be able to stop at Lindsay’s house today for a few hours and get out of the heat.  We had an awesome cookout and heard two great portraits from some amazing people.  I am pumped to have a rest day in Chicago and get to go home.  It will be good to catch back up and see my family before the big push to San Fran.  We will probably be shouting our entire way to the BEAN.

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  • Gayle Winters says:

    L.O.V.E. this picture!!!!! What a cool idea for a photo. Thanks so much for sharing and blogging. Remember…safety first always. Go Illini 4000!

  • Elaine Hoelzeman says:

    It was great meeting all of you today at lunch! Enjoy your ride, make memories to last a lifetime, be safe and have fun!

  • Nancy & Larry Replogle says:

    We had a heat advisory in Chicago on June 7th (heat index of 105 degrees) and were concerned about the Illini 4000 Crusaders. Good to know that everyone is OK. Keep replacing your electrolytes! The severe thunderstorms are starting here in Gurnee @ 10 pm on the 8th Should cool down soon. See you in Chicago!

  • jschlesinger Jonathan Schlesinger says:

    Love the photo! If I didn’t know the I4K I’d say that it was photoshopped–but I know that I4K riders are crazy enough to do stuff like this.

    Ride safely.

  • Robin Tisdale says:

    Great picture Ron, I am so proud of you and all of the I4K group. What an awesome story you will have for my grandkids someday. Great cause…. Good luck be safe.

  • David Rock says:

    We were happy to host the group for lunch. For those of you who tried asparagus for the first time, yes it is normal to have stinky pee later. And regarding the old concrete slab roads between Champaign and Clifton. The history on these is in the 1920′s when Gov Len Small had these roads built and used them for political gain. He by the way was indicted in office while Governor. Seems IL politics has not changed in 100 years.

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