A cold and wet finale to the great state of Wisconsin

This morning we awoke to the pitter patter of rain drops on the windows of Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church. In preparation for the elements, many riders equipped arm and leg warmers and everybody wore a rain coat. Within 5 miles of Reedsburg, rocky mesas began to jut up from the grassy plains of Wisconsin. Huge forests full of towering pines and white birches stretched across the misty landscape.
For 88 miles we traveled through central Wisconsin, and our three rest stops were greatly needed. The rain and cold had drained our energy, but we persevered thinking about the cancer patients who go through much worse. In the end, everyone made it into LaCrosse. Upon arriving, we set out around the town in search of food donations. We were well rewarded for our efforts, with a feast of burritos, chicken sandwiches, pizza rolls, and even some bananas from generous local businesses.
After dinner we selected our ride leaders for the remainder of the trip. The team voted for Katie and Ron to take us the remaining distance to San Francisco. They’ll work closely with Gabrielle and Marc over the next week to ensure a smooth transition. After the elections, many riders turned in early while others worked on their bikes, knowing that we would have another long day ahead of us. However we look forward to our next Event Day, with a visit to the Rochester Hope Lodge and Mayo Clinic.

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  • Joan Pogue says:

    Hello everyone. Just checking on how far you are and hoping all is well.
    Think of you often. Take care and God Bless.

    Joan Pogue, Zion Reformed Church, Chambersburg, PA

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