The highest highs, the lowest lows

I decided that I will have certain tallies as the summer progresses. Here are a few:

# of PB&Js eaten: 13

# of wipe outs: 3 (All of these occurred while I was standing still, with one foot still clipped in. No injuries incurred.)

# of roadkill: I was going to keep track each day. One day I counted 58. It got depressing (and gross), so I stopped.

# of times I have eaten ice cream: 2

# of times I’ve been Moshered: 1

We are almost through Pennsylvania and, consequently, the Appalachian mountains. Appalachia provided us with beautiful views, kind people and rewarding downhills. Our time together has been sweet, Pennsylvania, and I will not easily forget your Amish farmlands, your generous churches and your expansive forests; but, Keystone State, I will not miss pedaling up your steep mountains. For this, I am leaving you for another, flatter lover. Ohio, the I4K is on its way and I hope you and your buckeyes are ready.


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  • Eileen Rock says:

    Glad someone is keeping track. No flat tires yet? Lucky you! Happy riding on the flats!
    Linsey’s Mom

  • Joan Lindsay says:

    So great to read your blog. I have passed your phone # around to all the Wallace family…so maybe you can keep a tally of all the text messages you receive throughout the trip! Mine alone should be noteworthy:) I, too, hope that Ohio is kinder and gentler to all the I4K road warriors. May the wind be always at your back…..
    Love, Mom

  • jschlesinger Jonathan Schlesinger says:

    Thanks for the stats! Enjoy the panhandle of West Virginia!

  • Tom Fey says:

    Katie and I4K! No Fear. Action figure legs for all!

    Tom Fey
    Illini 1978

  • Laura Lindsay says:

    Way to go! Probably the only time you’ll be happy you’re in Ohio…

    What is moshered?

  • Karen Lavazza says:

    Thank you for this blog. As the mom of someone who will not blog too often I am very grateful. I would like to say, today, June 1 is just awesome weather in Illinois, so it should be coming your way. Hopefully June will be blessed with better weather than May, and you will enjoy lots of beautiful days!
    Dory’s Mom

  • Kyli Streckfuss says:

    KATIE!!!!!! I am so so so proud of you. I cannot even put it into words. Keep up those PB&J sandwiches and keep up the hard work. Can’t wait to see you next weekend!

  • Mara Lindsay says:

    Katie-We love you and are so proud of you! Hope your overall, wrestling uniform, unitard shorts are holding up well for you! Love reading your posts, keep em’ coming OK. Your blogging is acyually quite good!

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