Off to Union Station

Over this short ten day break since finals have been over I have been working ridiculous hours trying to make up for a whole summer without a job. In any spare time I was making trips to Plank Road Cyclery and many other stores trying to get last minute things. I also stopped by to see my 8th grade English teacher Mrs. Schubbe who found out about what I was doing this summer and had one of her students write an article for their quarterly paper.

Packing for this is tough but the compression sack I got is very helpful to save space for snacks in my bag. I still can’t believe in a day I will be in New York. It seems like just yesterday I was still trying to remember everyone’s name playing basketball at the ARC. I remember my first ride on my bike with Anthony. We rode about ten miles and at that time was tough. Now that’s nothing.

I was really glad I got a chance to see my friend Lisa for the first time since she had chemotherapy and I was glad to see her beautiful smile. Good news the tumor on her brain is shrinking! She is strong and I have no doubt she can fight through it.


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