Almost Done Training

We are a week away and i have been training pretty hard. Not quite like that 100 mile day last weekend but am putting some miles on every day. I will be heading into the bike shop to get everything checked out before the ride starts. I am getting pretty excited for the trip but am a little nervous too . Hopefully we have the wind at our back for the first few days. That would be nice. But, if the ride is anything like our training rides we will be going into the gusting headwinds everyday.

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  • Jill McKenna says:

    So excited for you and Lauren! Can’t believe you are leaving soon – good luck!!! Hope to see you in Wisconsin!

  • Klayton Jeffries says:

    Hey Tisdale i wish you all the luck in the world man you have inspired me to keep going when some one tells you that you are not good enough.You are one of the best teachers i have ever had, you helps me with my science and helped me understand that i can do it. Mr tisdale i will never for get you, you are the one guy that when i grow up i want to be like. Not my father or my grandfather, no i want to be like you. Thank you for everything you have done for me and some of the students at riverton middle school me and other students really cared that you came and helped us. Good job keep working hard, remember what you said to me “no pain no gain”. Thank you tisdale. Good job it will all pay off in the end!

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