I’ve neglected my blog and dedicated the last bit of energy I have in my body–at the end of the day–for bike repairs, my daily chore, and my journal. Showering is tough, primarily because it doesn’t always happen. But, I can’t say it’s a bad aspect of this trip. Frankly, I can’t find one. Sure the sun–particularly today–is blazing and, of course, the steep hills suck, but, at the end of the day, my body doesn’t really ache and the events of the day come to my mind.

In my journal today I’m probably going to write about how I flipped over my bike and broke a spoke with my head. But, I’m also going to write about how I changed a spoke for the first time in my life. Conor helped me change it but I still don’t know how our team will survive without his help.

Tomorrow we hit the appalachians and I KNOW it’s gonna be hard. Wish us luck for tomorrow! I’ll post something else soon.

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  • Paula Spitz says:

    Happy to read that you are ok after your fall!!! Take care and good luck tomorrow. Safe travels.

  • debra appel says:

    cRISTIAN, Hope your head feels better! sorry to hear about your mishap. i am ellie’s aunt debra..keep on tucking your doing great! hope you find a lake to bath in if you cannot get to a shower? :) thanks for your post great to hear from you all!

  • Cristian,
    I hope your head feels a much better today. Thanks for the post. It is great to hear from everyone. Good luck with the mountains – remember for every uphill there is a down hill! Take care and be safe. Gabrielle’s mom

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