The End

After a short hiatus while riders all traveled home, our final update is here! Around 11am on August 1st the team arrived at Chrissy Field to a large group of Alumni, family and friends. There was a fantastic greeting waiting for the team with many great people, bottles of champaign, and even welcome banners! The team mingled around the park for quite some time, enjoying the great food from the alumni club as well as enjoying the company of those that we missed for so long. Eventually it came time to depart, and the team began dispersing across San Francisco. For some team members that was the last time we saw each other, for others there was still our rest day to hang out together and think about what had just been accomplished. On August 3rd the remainder of the team set off for an early flight home, but not until after hugs had been given by all. The 28 riders of the 2010 Illini 4000 left New York City more than two months ago as strangers, but 72 days later, left San Francisco as the greatest friends.

The Illini 4000 would like to take this time to thank everyone who made this journey possible. Everything, from the care packages on the road, to the warm buildings we were allowed to stay in, to the meals provided for us, made this trip so much more than what it would have been. As a team we discovered the warming hospitality of others across our nation, and relied on the support of loved ones back home while on the road for so many days. We would like to thank all of the cancer patients, survivors, and care givers for taking part in our portraits project. We wish good health on those still affected by cancer today, and we will continue to ride year after year for the hope that one day cancer will not exist. To all, our most sincere thanks.

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