T minus 15 miles

This morning we awoke, excited to complete our last “real” day of riding. Eamon had the Mosher and graced our companion touring cyclist Max with an Ilini 4000 jersey.  We also played a game we had first played in West Yellowstone, which resembled a cross between tag and “red rover.”

Today’s morning was rather flat and led us through urban areas, and once the sun came out in the afternoon, we were greeted with warm weather, hills, and lots of other cyclists on the road.  We enjoyed our very last rest stop at mile 45, full of music and snacks and photos.

The team arrived in beautiful San Rafael and prepared for a day of housekeeping.  The van was completely unloaded, the out-of-control lost and found bin was emptied for the first time in ages, and a massively long and productive debriefing meeting was held.  We paused for a dinner break, graciously donated by the Mazurski and Oden families at San Rafael’s Joe’s Italian restaurant.  The meeting continued after dinner, well into the evening.  Some riders went to bed at a reasonable hour, while others chose to continue the van cleaning party well into the night.

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  • colette whicker says:

    i’m beginning to get this all too familiar feeling….the one that so often comes when you get to the final pages of an amazing book…..thats what this has been like for me….lots of empty pages that i can only fill from my imagination, having not been along for the ride…but its not really the end of a good book…through this venture many new doors will swing open…i am sure you are all more confident having peddled from one coast to the other..getting off your bikes for the last time as a team can only reinforce the fact that determination can allow you not only to dream but to accomplish….my hats off to you all!!! colette whicker..jordys ma

  • Jim Haack says:

    Congratulations from a SF Bay Area alumnus. What an amazing ride and experience.

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