Yes! Yes! Yeeeees!

The morning was a scramble to pick up after ourselves because we just had a rest day and that’s usually how things work out the next day. We managed to get out at a decent time, but before we left we played the Yes! game to get ourselves motivated since we were heading closer to the coast.  The game is simply a big circle of people, while one person runs at another person across the circle saying Yes! enthusiastically and jumping up in the air to high five. Today’s route seemed menacing at first glance because there were a ton of cues and it was 92 miles. The day however turned out much easier than expected. It was probably because of the tough week we had before with all the headwinds and so forth. So today was not too rough. It was flat, looked like Illinois, and there was some tailwind. To make a long story short, we reached Corvallis all safe and sound and are ready for tomorrow. To the Coasts!

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  • donna kalis says:

    Corvallis, Florence and the coast are great.

    my thanks again to the team.

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