What’s a? Who’s a? Where’s a Missoula?

Our morning started with another unique Mosher. Max instructed us in a guided meditation which proved relaxing and set the tone for the day as unstressed and clear-minded. Sadly we left our friends in Drummond and made our way to our last Montana stayover, Missoula.
With only 52 miles to bike today, everyone enjoyed the ride and took it relatively easy. Around mile 20, we stopped at a “hot” spring. While the water wasn’t hot, it was refreshing. We jumped off of the cliff into the water, enjoyed the gorgeous waterfall, and some even swam under the rocks into a secret cave. After spending nearly 3 hours and our lunch break at the “hot” spring, we hit the road again.
Shortly, we reached Missoula and the beginning of our rest day. The evening concluded with the team sharpening their saltine-eating skills.
A special congratulations to Kyle and Eamon who both at 5 crackers each in 60 seconds. Way to go, guys!

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