The Road to Buffalo

The team continued its journey through the great state of Wyoming with a 70-mile ride to Buffalo today. The roads are beginning to show inklings of the terrain to come. No longer is the path a straight, flat shot, but rather is becoming windier and hillier everyday. Today we also had our first view of the Big Horn Mountains; they make the Appalachians look like highway overpasses.

Still, there were obstacles to be overcome despite the relatively easy route, and today those obstacles were flat tires. Seven separate riders flatted as they trekked down the wide shoulder of Interstate-90. Flats are always a little discouraging. They take time to patch, hold up the entire group and can cause “flat paranoia.” But the I4Kers took them in stride, and carried on their merry way.

The rest of the day was passed rather lazily. Some riders sought out ice cream in downtown Buffalo, some took a swim in a nearby creek, and others just took it easy at St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, our stayover for the night. Whatever way the afternoon was spent, the I4Kers are ready for tomorrow and the mountains to come in the next few days.

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