Space Redefined

Space isn’t the same as it used to be. It took me a while to realize this subtle difference even though it isn’t entirely new to me.

There has been a great change in landscape now that we’ve reached the West. Now, as I ride I can see for miles and miles, but not too long ago my vision was limited by trees or hill sides. I never felt cramped in the East, it was just as beautiful and awe inspiring, but now everything feels so much more open and free. Instead of town after town always surrounded by businesses and people, the landscape now takes center stage interrupted only once in a while by a small settlement. I feel so insignificant as I ride next to mountain ranges with incredibly large clouds overhead. If I stepped into a city right now it would take me quite some time to acclimate to the great change at hand.

Space has changed in a more personal way as well. A life on the road with only a back pack and 27 teammates gives new perspective to what space I constitute as myself. It’s no longer “my room” or “my apartment” but just my small pile of things. As I unpack each day I create my own personal space made up of t-shirts, bike parts and a sleeping bag. Every morning I take down my space and pack it in a bag, piled in the van with everyone else’s lives. During the day the only items I really own are carried on me with my bike. It’s no longer “my car stereo” or even “my car” but just me and my bike. Sometimes as I pack in the morning I find unnecessary things I carry around with me. If something doesn’t have a practical use, it doesn’t last long in my space. I like that.

** Big Horn mountains tomorrow morning, get psyched! **

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  • jschlesinger jonathan schlesinger says:

    Tomorrow is gonna be a doozie. Ride safely.

  • Colette Whicker says:

    i love this…in a world where our stuff and our space tends to define who and what we are i feel good fortune has come your way….at such a ripe young age to mentally touch these thoughts is like winning the lottery…colette..jordans ma

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