South Dakota & Wyoming

And now I will attempt to cover the highlights of my journey through two states :) – South Dakota and Wyoming.

South Dakota was amazing and there was so much great scenery to look at while we were riding. I got to ride my bike through the Badlands, which was something I had been excited for a while about. The Badlands were very memorable. We definitely did our fair share of climbing on rocks and exploring. I had my camera out all day and took about a billion pictures because I couldn’t control myself. We encountered a lot of wind during the end of our century ride (100 miles) out of the Badlands, which made it seem a lot tougher than before. We passed through the Black Hills and got to see Mt. Rushmore a few days later. I had never been to Mt. Rushmore before so I was excited to see it for the first time. I was really happy with our ride and the amazing scenery we had through South Dakota…. but Wyoming out did South Dakota.

Everything from the beginning to the end of Wyoming was awesome. Going through the Big Horns was a long day, but totally worth it. We had an 18 mile uphill to get to the top, which took a pretty long time to climb … but we also had an 18 mile downhill :)¬† a little while after that. We stopped a lot during the downhill to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. I was expecting the ride through the Big Horns to be slightly dreadful, but it was the complete opposite. I had so much fun and I saw some amazing stuff! Another highlight was Yellowstone, obviously¬† :) Even though I missed the ride into Yellowstone because me and a few others had come down with a virus/food poisoning/we still dont know what happened, I still got to camp out that night with the team and do the second part of the the ride through Yellowstone. Thankfully, most of us are recovering from it and some of us are doing a lot better. I’m sure we’ll all be in tip-top shape in no time.

And now … were in Montana! Our ride has been beautiful so far. We rode along the Madison River for most of our ride today, and it was amazing! :D I can’t wait to see more of Montana!

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  • Bela says:

    Hey Disha i Hope you guys are recovering from the food poisoning and all that stuff you guys are really strong and allready start biking and i am praying for you guys that he will be with you all the time and gives you lot and lot strength without any sickness disha i hope you feeling much better than last two days.we are all proud of you its not easy thing to do but you are doing it

  • Juli & Naren says:

    Excellent!! Lovely piece of writing. Very interesting perspective. Big Horns & Mount Rushmore must so BEAUTIFUL to inspire you.Sorry to know that you missed Yellowstone park ride.
    Have fun & ride carefully, our blessings are with u.

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